Career4Me is a personalized, assessment-based career development system with specialized programs for students and professionals.

There’s a science to finding your perfect career fit


Whether you’re a student deciding on a college major or a professional looking to change or develop a career… The Birkman Method is that science. It measures interest, behaviors, and needs that help you pinpoint the right career categories by maximizing your strengths. We use your Birkman Assessment results as the core component in our Degree4Me (for students) and Career4Me (for professionals) Programs. Imagine how satisfying it feels getting the most out of your life!




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“They’ve been doing this stuff for years and had an immediate process that we could follow.  Suffice it to say that, in about one month, my daughter (and quite frankly, us as well) went from frustrated and perplexed to ‘breakthrough’! “


Dave F., Parent

Degree4Me Program Client

“I was struggling with the lack of fulfillment I was experiencing in my career.  I was lost and ready to give it all up. We worked through a plan and you helped me figure out what I wanted to do and gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed to put a plan in place. I am exponentially happier and more fulfilled in my new career, and I’m just very excited to have this new opportunity.” 

Joe K

Career4Me Client

I’m so glad we went through the Degree4Me program!  I didn’t even know about NKU (as a college choice) nor HR as a field of study, but now I feel like I know exactly what I need to be doing, and I’m excited! 


Madison F., Student

Degree4Me Program Client




With over 70 years of experience, the Birkman Method has analyzed personality data for millions of people. Our team has developed a customized career strategy program for both students and professionals of any age. The Degree4Me or Career4Me program works with your Birkman report to look at your personality, interests, and goals in order to help you find the right match for your future.


For high school or college students ready to make a decision on their college and/or major.



For professionals interested in changing careers or developing their current career path.