Celebrating Silver Linings

Free Online Summit 2021

Thursday, Nov. 18 • 12:30pm ET-1:30pm ET

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Careers & Projects Re-Imagined in 2021 from Boomer to Gen Z

Paths change and many times in ways we could never anticipate. Join us for this free Online Summit that showcases new adventures that came from Covid where careers or projects were re-imagined in 2021. Be inspired and celebrate growth and silver linings!


Boomer: Susie Maguire

   Tap Into Your Creativity and Talents and Go for a Second, Third, or Fourth Act

TEDx speaker and a former creativity consultant for some of the world’s largest global businesses. Since Covid, Susie supports children to expand their imagination and creativity, through the online learning platform Outschool.com, she also teaches a very successful class about poop, attended by thousands of children from all over the world. The story of the journey from one to the other, spans 20 years, but the ultimate pivot into poop (join us to find out about this one) would not have happened without Covid. 

Gen X: Justin Guarini

   Find Out How You Can Share Your Skills and Gifts with Others

Groundbreaking entertainer, Broadway veteran, American Idol Season 1, Lil’ Sweet, host of Grammys/Emmys/Tonys, and record producer. The stage lights went dark during Covid and acting roles were on hold. Justin worked once to reinvent himself after American Idol, and he was ready to do it again. He created a coaching business and wrote a book to help others increase their confidence and improve public speaking.

Gen Y: Lisa Mayer

   Discover How to Innovate a Current Business with New Technology

CEO and founder of My Social Canvas a group supporting Gen Z girls design a life and career they love. With Covid, it was harder to get support from donors. Lisa, with her husband and co-founder, then started Boss Beauties, a group funded by a 10k NFT project that offers seminars, book clubs, charitable giving, and supports women.


Gen Z: Kashvir Parekh

   Jumpstart Your Career by Showcasing Your Passion and Volunteering for Opportunities

From high school student during Covid, this now 19 year old, is the creator of @kashvireads on Instagram with nearly 4k followers, and Discord moderator for Veefriends, Community Assistant for World of Women. She found opportunities to grow in the virtual space and embodies the traits of the next generation of leaders.


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