You can save thousands of dollars and hours of frustration when your student is clear on the career they want.

“Degree4Me worked with all three of our daughters to determine a college and career path. Their ability to work with us as a family while focusing the communication directly with our daughters worked great. They each felt heard and were able to take responsibility for their choices with college. We learned a lot about how to navigate the discussion just by being a part of the discussion. The savings to the money we spent and are spending in college has proven this to be one of the best money decisions we’ve ever made.  Thank you Career4Me.”

Steve R.

Akron, OH

“The research portion of the program confirmed my daughter’s new career choice to be a growing and prosperous field in coming years. Needless to say, we’re breathing a big sigh of relief!”

Monica R.



Let us help your student get on the right track, early. We can help them understand how their interests can be directed into a degree and career based on their Birkman Assessment. Plus, we’ll provide you with valuable Guides to help get answers to the questions you’ve been looking for (and some of the questions you didn’t even know to ask)! Selecting the Degree4Me program is the first step in helping your student plot a course for a successful and fulfilling career.