Career4Me: Advanced Learning Packet

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There’s a science to finding your perfect career fit!

The Birkman Method is that science. It measures interest, behaviors, and needs that help you pinpoint the right career categories by maximizing your strengths. Imagine how satisfying it feels getting the most out of your life!

This Guide is a valuable tool which will help you find the answers you have been looking for and plot a course for not only a successful career, but one that suits YOU.

See a comprehensive list of what you get with this package in the details below.

Please note: you will receive a link from us to take the Birkman Assessment.


You want focus in your career.

We provide the tools to understand more about your strengths, perceptions and opportunities for improvement.

Career4Me Guided Includes:

Degree4Me Guide: Your Guide to a Successful Career & Future:

  • How to Achieve Your Career Goals
  • Define Your Brand and Objective
  • Develop Your Resume
  • Effective Networking & Interviewing
  • Birkman Assessment

Birkman Essentials Report

  • Birkman Map
  • Birkman Interests
  • Career Exploration Summary
  • Job Families/ Job Titles & Career Focus
  • Action Plan

Birkman Premier Report & Guide

  • Advanced Birkman Summary
  • Coaching Page & Stress Management
  • Your Strengths, Interests & Motivators
  • Birkman Interview Guide
  • Component Map
  • Birkman Insights
  • Your Job Search


The Birkman Assessment: What to Expect

You will be contacted by a Career4Me team member with a personalized link to take your Birkman Assessment online.

The online Birkman Questionnaire has 3 parts completed by the respondent in this order: Most People, Self, and Interests. The Most People and Self sections are each made up of 125 true-false questions. The Interest section is made up of 48 multi-choice questions. Each section produces results for the 11 scales and 3 construct domains of The Birkman Method.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Our method produces a comprehensive measure of personality, motivation and interest, achieving what typically requires multiple assessments. With any assessment, the more it measures the more predictive it becomes and the greater level of understanding it provides.

The literature (Colbert, Mount, Harter, Witt, & Barrick, 2004; Terborg, Richardson, & Pritchard, 1980; Tett & Burnett, 2003; Zaccaro, 2007) demonstrates that three distinct factors account for the majority of variance in job performance and job satisfaction:

  1. Characteristics of the individual,
  2. Characteristics of the situation, and
  3. Interaction between the individual and the situation.

The Birkman Method measures all three of the above factors in detail to maximize prediction and understanding. Additionally, Birkman distinguishes between differences of kind and differences of degree, meaning the assessment is capable of identifying the characteristics and the intensity of the characteristic. Through this capability Birkman is able to describe the individual within a variety of situations to deliver practical, actionable information for understanding and managing self, relationships, and careers.

2 reviews for Career4Me: Advanced Learning Packet

  1. Sandy H.

    Career4Me was instrumental in helping me set both career and personal goals in a way that kept me focused and motivated!

  2. Rachel I.

    The Birkman assessment makes ALLLL the difference! This program is in-depth and profound, yet so very practical. It brought me total focus in my career. I haven’t been this excited about my future since I was a kid!

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